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Cato Solicitors

Dispute Resolution and Construction Law Solicitors

Cato Solicitors is a niche law practice with a formidable reputation in the areas of dispute resolution and construction law.

We have a national and international client base which follows our dedication to providing timely, relevant and practical advice.

Your case is unique. We will always provide you with a detailed objective analysis of the facts and application of the rule of law, your options and cost advice.

Key Personnel


John Cato

John Cato has been working as a solicitor for 30 years and is qualified as a Solicitor-Advocate allowing him to represent Clients in Court when appropriate. John is instructed by other firms of commercial solicitors to deal with their complex litigation requirements. John’s method is to try to get to the heart of the problem and find a legal solution from…Read More »

Michael Gerard

Michael is a practising solicitor and specialises in construction, engineering & contract law and professional negligence. Michael is dual-qualified as a Chartered Builder and is also an accredited expert in the fields of quantum and planning. Michael has a vast depth of experience in the construction & engineering industries….Read More »

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