Request for Case Background Information

  • Introduction

    Thank you for providing us with background details about your case. The information you provide is critical to getting our investigation off to a fast start.

    Once you complete the steps below, please email this document back to us. We’ll contact you to schedule a time to review in greater detail the information you provide.

    The case details you provide below will be kept in strict confidence and are covered by the privilege that protects communications between clients and their Solicitors.

    • Please take your time and provide as much detail as possible.
    • Be sure to call us with questions or problems!
  • Persons

    Please list all people related to the case -- even people with a minor connection to it.

    • List only one person in each row of the table below.
    • In the Description cell for each person, please explain who the person is and how they are connected to the case.
  • Name of PersonDescription of Person 
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  • Organisations

    List all case-related organisations -- even ones with a minor case connection.

    • List only one organisation in each row of the table below.
    • Please describe the organisation in the Description cell provided. Be sure to explain how the organization is connected to the case.
  • Name of OrganizationDescription of Organization 
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  • Events / Facts / Rumors

    This is the most important step. Please take the time to read the directions carefully.

    • Please list important case-related events, facts and even rumors in the table below.
    • You don’t have to have to be 100% sure that what you tell us happened or is true.
    • And you don’t have to have direct personal knowledge of the items you list. We just need the widest possible list of items to thoroughly investigate.
    • Don’t worry about listing events in proper date sequence. We’ll put them in order when we receive this document back from you.
    • Some facts and rumors don’t have dates associated with them (for example, “Greg has blue eyes”). When that’s the case, just leave the Date cell for that row blank and enter the fact or rumor in the Description cell.
    • After you've recorded what you know about the date of the event, type a brief write-up of the event itself in the Description cell.
    • As you write up the events in the case, you'll probably think of people and organisations you did not list in the tables above. Be sure to back up and add them.
  • :
  • -+
  • Documents

    Please gather up any case-related documents in your possession. Also take the time to print out copies of any case-related emails. Be sure to bring this material with you to our next meeting.
    • After collecting the documents you do have, please think hard about other important case-related documents and emails of which you’re aware but that you don’t have copies of. Please describe these “missing” documents in the table below so we’ll know to look for them during our investigation.
  • Date of DocumentDescription of Document 
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  • Questions

    As you organize information about the persons, organisations, facts and documents, you’ll probably think of questions you'll want to ask us about the case, about how we handle cases and about many other topics.

    Please list these questions in the table below.
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